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A strong body is the scaffolding for a healthy life!

starting strength BARBELL classes for women

For those individuals seeking to gain strength, increase your body's ability to burn fat and build strong bones.

Through the use of the Starting Strength Method, participants focus on the body's most basic movement patterns, using 4 barbell exercises that build strength - Squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press & Deadlift.  Lifters increase the weight on the bar with each training sessions (linear progression) and thus this program can be done by both beginner to advanced lifters alike.

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Our Starting Strength Barbell Cycles are:

2x a week / 90 minute sessions with a female Strength Coach
personalized attention at a group rate of $249 per month

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I couldn’t carry my child around, it was hard and my back hurt. I had poor posture and even sitting for extended periods of time at the table would cause my back to ache. Since I started this strength program my back pain is gone and I can carry both of my twins around at once!
I want to be there for my family and be the best mom I can be, this time to myself allows me to do that for them.
— Corinne Sprung

Barbell Starting Strength Private Training:

The Private Starting Strength Training program is perfect for individuals who are looking for individualized attention in a 1-on-1 setting with a coach.

All sessions are with a certified Starting Strength Coach or with a Starting Strength Intern in the process of becoming a starting strength coach.

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