The barbell Club @ WFC:

starting strength BARBELL classes, Open Gym & Private Training

For those individuals seeking to gain strength, increase your body's ability to burn fat and build strong bones.

Through the use of the Starting Strength Method, participants focus on the body's most basic movement patterns, using 4 barbell exercises that build strength - Squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press & Deadlift.  Lifters increase the weight on the bar with each training sessions (linear progression) and thus this program can be done by both beginner to advanced lifters alike.

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Our Starting Strength Barbell Cycles are:

4 weeks - 2x/week - 90 minutes Per class
personalized attention at a group rate of $249

Only $31 per session!

Monthly members get a discount: Only $99!
Email to add a cycle to your existing membership

Today I deadlifted 120 lbs. Last year on this day I was in bed unable to walk without severe back pain. I am not the same person I was last year. Thanks to Inna, WSC and Starting Strength, I have gained muscles and strength but I have also gained so much more. I am confident, independent and strong mentally and physically. This has been a year of growth and I cannot wait to see what I can accomplish next. I am forever grateful to Inna for taking me from a life of constant back pain and fear to a strong, healthy, active life.
— Cory G

Open gym training: 

Train on your own at The Barbell Club facility. With a strength program in hand from your completed Barbell Cycle, you can utilize our equipment during Open Gym hours. While non-personalized, there is always a coach on hand for any quick question or spot.

Many members join Open Gym upon completion of at least two Barbell Cycles while others stick to a Barbell Cycle for the semi-private coaching. 

if you have prior experience with starting strength elsewhere and wish to test out of a barbell cycle to utilize an open gym membership please email



monthly unlimited membership (MONTH TO MONTH commitment) @ $199/month HERE



Monday - Friday 8am-12pm
Monday/Wednesday 7pm-930pm
Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-930pm
Sunday 8am-12pm

Barbell Starting Strength Private Training:

The Private Starting Strength Training program is perfect for individuals who are looking for individualized attention in a 1-on-1 setting with a coach.

All sessions are with a certified Starting Strength Coach or with a Starting Strength Intern in the process of becoming a starting strength coach.

For inquiries and availability for Private Training, fill out the form below:

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The starting strength coaches here are phenomenal.  They have a deep understanding of the science and physiology behind their training regimen, and they place an emphasis on form and progress and on building strength in a safe and measured way.  They are also down to earth, solid people and terrific motivators.  Before I started my weight training program in July 2013, I had never done more than lift a light dumbbell occasionally.  Now, 18 months later, I’ve gotten so much stronger and have lifted much more than I ever thought I was capable of (and I’m still making progress).  For example, when I started strength training, I was able to squat about 65 pounds.  Now, at a weight of around 140 pounds, I can squat close to 200 pounds for five sets of three reps, and I can single rep up to 220 pounds (my personal goal is to get to 225 pounds; i.e., two “plates”, or maybe beyond).  I’ve made similar strides in the deadlift (PR of 255×5, and 285 pounds for a single), bench press (PR of 135 pounds for a single), overhead press, pull-ups, etc.  I am extremely pleased with the results, and most of all with the sense of accomplishment that I derive from succeeding at my training regimen.

— Elisha Graff