Inna Koppel

Inna began her career as a personal trainer, and in that role discovered the importance of strength as the foundation of fitness. She began her own barbell training, studying and practicing basic barbell movements. As she advanced, she entered competitions and explored different approaches to maximizing performance while avoiding the risk of injury. This path led her to the Starting Strength method of barbell training.

Starting Strength is a manualized barbell training system, designed to produce results in anyone with a serious commitment to their own health. Inna began attending seminars and saw her own training progress, and injuries resolve. She wanted to be able to bring this unique method to her fitness community, and began the difficult journey of becoming one of only a select few of certified Starting Strength coaches. The rigorous didactic and performance-based requirements of this certification qualify Inna to provide programming and coaching to people who understand the importance of building functional strength. 

Over time Inna's boutique fitness studio has been transformed into a health community center for all ages, with a dedicated barbell training wing for Starting Strength and a complete group fitness space. The Woodmere Fitness Club that Inna started has transcended its original mission as a fitness faciltiy, and provides education in running seminars, training camps, workshops, in addition to a larger role in the community in hosting myriad charitable fund-raising events.

Inna at Events


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Inna speak on a variety of topics related to strength and health for women and children. She's spoken at high schools and tackled topics of body image for girls & weight loss, as well as how to improve athletic performance for boys and girls and how to prevent sports related injuries.

Common health topics include; body image and fat loss, training and pregnancy, healthy aging and preventing frailty. Inna also gives motivational lectures on overcoming the fear of failure and the value of physical strength for the mind (mental toughness and professional success).

Past speaking engagements include:

  • Presenting on “Health and Strength in Women” at the HFMA Breast Cancer Awareness “Knowledge is Power” symposium. Inna, along with other healthcare professionals enlightened the crowd on the importance of strength in preventing and fighting disease. Specifically, Inna discussed the Starting Strength program at WFC. She explained how this unique training approach is designed to promote strength and that women of all ages and ailments can benefit.

  • Overcoming the Fear of Failure In and Out of the Gym: All women and teens in the community were invited to our second Straight Talk with Inna event. Straight Talk with Inna events provides women and teens with the opportunity to learn about health and fitness while participating in an open discussion in a safe and welcoming environment. Inna spoke about the fear of failure and how to use strength training to build courage so that we can reach our full potential in and out of the gym. 

  • Presenting at an assisted living facility. Inna spoke on exploring the impact of strength training on frailty and cognitive performance for the at-risk elderly & those suffering with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. 


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