Our $59 intro session to the Starting Strength program.


Embrace Your Strength

You’re stronger than you think, and we want to prove it. Sign up for a Learn to Squat Starting Strength session to learn the ins and outs of strength training in an energetic, women-only environment. 

Learn to Squat for $59

With all the potential health benefits, who wouldn’t want to learn'?

The Benefits of Squatting

In our Learn to Squat session, we’ll launch you into the world of Starting Strength, a nationally recognized training system focused on growing stronger over time. Starting Strength isn’t your average workout—it leverages basic movement patterns to work your entire body so you can grow healthier, stronger, and more confident. 


No matter what your fitness level, this foundational one-on-one session will help you strengthen your body and grow as part of a community of remarkable women.

Stand Taller and Stronger
Squats are full-body magic. Squats strengthen your entire body—from your legs to your abs and beyond—and they strengthen your back, too, which will improve your flexibility, abdominal strength, and posture. 


It’s for Everyone
Learning to squat correctly builds stronger joints, improves bone density, and prevents injuries. Plus, squats are low impact and don’t demand advanced mobility or athletic prowess. They are a basic movement pattern that everyone should be doing to maintain a healthy body as they age. And the good news is that no matter what your age or level of fitness, you can squat. 


Get Strong and Burn Fat
Squats aren’t just for athletes. The stronger your muscles get, the faster your metabolism works, meaning you burn more fat and calories all day long. It’s a workout win-win.

What People Have to Say

" I broke my left patella a few years ago and was in constant pain. Physical therapy wasn’t getting me anywhere and once I started lifting I felt so much stronger and able to function better in my daily life activities. I learned to squat in a way that would keep my knees from hurting and I've been able to return to exercising and playing volleyball without pain!" -Esther Nahon

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to learn to squat safely, sign up for this 45-minute workshop for only $59. In our Learn to Squat class, we’ll cover: 

  • How to squat using your hips

  • How to perform a squat that is safe for your knees

  • How to troubleshoot around injuries

  • How to protect your back under the barbell when you squat

  • The Starting Strength squat model and mechanics


This class is beginning-friendly! You don’t have to be strong to start. We’ll provide the babysitting, lifting belts, state-of-the-art lifting equipment, and encouragement—you just need to wear comfortable clothes, sport stable shoes, and be excited about the possibilities. 

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