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10 Things You’ll Learn When You Start Lifting

1. You’ll buy shoes that resemble bowling shoes and love them.

Lifting shoes will remind you of those times you went bowling with your family and wore nerdy yet colorful rental shoes that didn’t match your outfit. Function has not caught up with fashion when buying a pair of lifting shoes, that’s for sure. We love wearing them because they support our feet and help us balance while lifting weights.

2. You’ll use a notebook again.

Pretty old school, we know. This is how you will document progress and keep record of your program. It may bring you in time to when you were in high school, but you'll love flipping through it to see how far youv'e come since day one.

3. You’re going to have to do some math again (sorry).

As you get stronger, your weights get bigger and you will be counting the plates on your bar with every set. We’re especially sorry if you hate fractions, weight increases may be as small as 3/4 lbs to facilitate progress. Don’t worry, you will become very math savvy shortly and the refreshed math skills are good for your brain.

4. You’ll make the funniest faces (while still looking like a badass).

When we teach you each lift, we also teach you a valsalva technique that’s going to help you use your abs harder during each lift. You may puff up your cheeks and think you’re making funny faces but all everyone else thinks is, “Holy S!@# she must be really strong!”

5. No one will ever have to help you with your groceries again.

This is one errand that is going to become much more manageable for you once you’ve gotten stronger. You won't have to make 5 trips to the car because you’ll be able to carry twice as many bags as you could before.

6. Squats grow your booty and that’s a good thing.

We use a hip dominant movement when we squat by the *Starting Strength model and that means working all the musculature around the hips including your glutes. Not only will squatting this way spare your knees but it will also develop strong glutes and that’s a good thing.

7. You will make mistakes.

This may be the first time in your adult life that you are challenged with learning a new skill. Don’t be intimidated, your coach will be there every step of the way to ensure that you fully understand the how and why of barbell training.

8. You’ll be hungrier than usual AND you’ll get to eat more.

Growing muscle and getting stronger burns a lot more calories at rest than any other exercise. Your muscles are metabolic machines, gobbling up calories to help sustain themselves. Once you strength train on a regular basis, you will be able to eat a lot more carbs and protein than you have in the past and it will go to good use!

9. Girls, you won’t get bulky!

Lets dispel this rumor now ladies, you won’t get bulky or look like a man from lifting weights. It takes testosterone, genetics and a whole lot of trying to increase the size of your muscles. You are in no danger of becoming huge.

“Testosterone level is the major factor when it comes to getting on the Swole Patrol.” -Nikki Sims, Starting Strength Coach.

10. You’ll gain a second home WFC will become your home away from home. You will join a community of strong women who will support you on your strength journey and be your best cheerleaders.

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