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The Top 3 Reasons To Try Cardio Kickboxing Today

In a plugged-in world, authentic community can be a rarity. People are always on their devices, spending most of their waking hours interacting through a virtual medium and having very little human contact. Group fitness classes, like kickboxing, reconnect us to human interaction and return us to a more natural state of communication. There is a support system that evolves organically under these conditions that can not be mimicked by what happens on your cell phone. Upon walking into the gym, members are greeted by their kickboxing instructor, fellow gym goers, and friends. It's an opportunity to come together around fitness and bond over a great sweat session.

Cardio Kickboxing is a group fitness class that follows the same format as Zumba or a choreographed aerobics class. The moves are adopted from a blend of martial arts, boxing and kickboxing. The class is designed to use basic movements like punching, kicking and calisthenics, set to the tempo of music. The choreography is easy to follow, easy to modify for the beginner, and centered around the idea of fat burning through interval training.

Here are three reasons you should try kickboxing today!

  1. It requires you to do all the work.

  2. It will make you feel happier.

  3. It will improve your coordination.

1. It requires you to do all the work: Unlike with spin bikes, for example, where balance is done for you by the machine, kickboxing requires you to do all of the work. This includes coordinating balance, agility, and speed. Your whole body is in motion, with every major muscle group doing its share of the work and therefore burning more calories than a seated workout. Your abdominal muscles work to stabilize you during each movement, making kickboxing a great total body workout.

2. It will make you feel happier: Kickboxing not only gives you a great workout, it also elevates your mood. During exercise, endorphins are increased, giving you a feeling of elation. Vigorous aerobic activity stimulates the release of endorphins and helps combat pain symptoms, fatigue, and gloomy moods. They also combat stress, lowering the levels of cortisol in the bloodstream. Besides endorphins, exercise also increases other hormones like serotonin and dopamine. These hormones combine together to help you feel happy and positive.

3. It will improve your coordination: Finally, good cardio kickboxing classes will teach you proper punching technique as you shadowbox to the beat of the music. Rhythm, timing, and skill work are all important components of a boxing program, so you can take your new-found skills and apply them to a punching bag workout when you are looking to change it up.

Music, good vibes, improved mood and improved fitness - all in one class. You can call it kickboxing but we call it exercise medicine. Find a kickboxing workout near you and kick up your fitness!

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