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5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The upcoming holiday bonanza might make fitness drop to the bottom of your frantic to-do list. Preparing for the holidays, traveling, unwinding from the latest yom tov, and doing it all over again the next week can quickly become an exhausting cycle. But you don’t have to feel like your fitness (or sanity) is suffering. Maintaining your workout schedule before, during, and after the busy October season is possible.

Our top five tips for staying motivated and maintaining a workout schedule can help you make it to the finish line feeling like the same person you were before the whirlwind of chaggim began.

  1. Make it short and sweet: The myriad of grocery store runs you have to squeeze in before picking the kids up from school and packing everyone up for your upcoming travels probably isn’t leaving much time for a long, luxurious gym session. Not a problem. You can still have a solid workout in less than an hour. Try squeezing in a group class (all WFC classes are 50 minutes long, perfect for when time is short!) or do a quick at-home session whenever you can carve out a chunk of time for yourself.

  2. Stay centered: Holiday overload might make you feel mentally and physically off your game. A mind-body workout such as yoga can help you stretch that tight lower back and legs from standing in the kitchen all day and relieve discomfort caused by stress, while also helping you feel energized and centered. Try some simple opening exercises such as going into a few downward dog poses in the morning. This can be the difference between bouncing back into your workouts with ease, or feeling achy and sore the next day.

  3. No weights? No problem: If you’re staying local, a strength class such as Fit to the Core or Barbell Training is a great way to maintain your hard-earned muscles. However, if you’re traveling for the month, your access to weights and exercise equipment may be limited. If that’s the case, try doing bodyweight exercises. Squats, pushups, lunges, bridges, and jumping jacks can all be done sans dumbbells. Not sure how to put them together into a workout? Try doing ten of each move as a circuit and see how you feel. If you’re feeling good, try going through the entire circuit again!

  4. Get outside: Take advantage of the crisp fall atmosphere before the sub-zero chill of winter begins. Take a power walk outside, walk to visit friends, or play with your kids outside. With most of the holiday meals and shul time taking place inside (except, of course, your time dining al fresco in the sukkah), moving around in fresh air will be a welcome change for you and your family.

  5. Be flexible: Expecting that you’ll work out constantly and eat healthy throughout the next month is setting yourself up to fail. You’re going to be out of your routine, you’ll have plenty of family obligations to tend to, and passing on delicious desserts will be downright impossible if there’s apple cake around. Go in with a calm, flexible attitude and aim for staying active and strong instead of perfect.

We hope these tips will help you stay motivated during the upcoming holidays. Remember: be kind to yourself, keep your body moving any way that you can, and enjoy this wonderfully hectic season.

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