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Yoga Tips for Beginners

Are you new to yoga? Have you ever left a class feeling discouraged? Do you find yourself saying, “oh, I wish I can do that”?

Yoga has become increasingly popular over the years and the number of Americans doing yoga grew by 50% from 2012 to 2016. Why? Well, there are several benefits to yoga including but not limited to:

· Increased flexibility

· Relaxation/Stress relief

· Improved respiration and energy

· Increased muscle tone

Watching the experts in yoga class can be really intimidating though – right? We know.

Here are 3 tips to improve your yoga practice today!

1. Start from where you are. In other words, listen to your body and not just to where the mind wants to go. Sounds simple enough but many of us come to a class wanting to get into a pose the body may not be ready for in that moment. Mind and body should be on the same page in order to get the most out of your practice. It’s not about how far you go; it’s about how you go.

2. Be patient and open-minded. A proper yoga practice encompasses exercise, breath, relaxation and meditation. One may come to a class in search of just one and only one of the above. However, embracing these principles increases the overall well-being of mind and body.

3. I highly recommend purchasing your own mat. Most studios and gyms have mats available but having a mat of your own will encourage commitment to your new practice, as well as inspire a home practice. Other useful props include blocks, a yoga strap, blanket/towel, and eye pillow. These, of course, are optional and most studios provide.

Maximize on the benefits of yoga and your fitness classes today!

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