Small group barbell training for women and men, tailored to your level.

You’re Stronger Than You Think

Strength lays the groundwork for athletic performance, health, and quality of life for men and women alike. As part of our Starting Strength program, you’ll surprise yourself with just how strong you truly are. 

What Is Starting Strength?

Starting Strength is a nationally recognized training system focused on growing stronger over time developed by Starting Strength founder, Mark Rippetoe


This isn’t your average list of trending exercises. It’s a time-tested approach to the classic barbell training method that leverages basic movement patterns to work your entire body. Over time, as the barbell load increases little by little, you will feel your whole body grow stronger. Meanwhile, you can grow healthier, happier, and more confident, both in the gym and outside.

The Starting Strength Method: A Video Introduction

Getting Started

The first step is to sign up for an Intro Session with one of our Starting Strength coaches. In this 90-minute class, you will learn about the Starting Strength method and find out everything you need to know to get started. All Intro Sessions are led by one of our certified coaches and cost $185 (student discount 15% off with code "STUDENT").

Starting Strength at WFC

Whether your goal is to improve your health, master strength lifting, or train for a competition, our multi-generational Starting Strength program is built to help you achieve your fitness goals. Improve your quality of life and make everything you do easier — whether that’s chasing your kids and grandkids, or helping a coworker move into a fifth-floor walkup.

For more almost 10 years, our Starting Strength program has been helping men and women realize that they really are stronger than they think. Our gym features: 


  • 90-minute small group training

  • Starting Seminars and camps teach the system of barbell training 

  • Specialized training for beginners, as well as seasoned lifters

  • Training opportunities for men (T/Th/Su) and women (daily)

  • State-of-the-art lifting racks from Rogue Fitness

  • Ample barbells and bumper plates for macro and micro-loading

  • Augmentation equipment, including prowlers, sleds, treadmills, and rowers

  • Strength Lifting competitions (Squat/Press/Deadlift meets)

Woodmere Fitness Club is a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym.


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“Not only have I strengthened my back and core (always a work in progress) so I don’t have anymore pain in my lower back, but I always look forward to the people I lift with and that keeps me coming back for more!” — Melinda S. 

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