WFC is dedicated to the health and fitness of women. Our facility features women-only fitness classes, a specialized strength training club for women and an after-school fitness program for girls.
A club like no other, we focus on bringing you cutting edge fitness programs that help you be your best.


Inna Koppel is the owner of Woodmere Fitness Club in Woodmere NY, the first Starting Strength Affiliate Gym on Long Island. 
Inna holds a degree in social work, a knowledge base she continually calls on in a multi-generational  training milieu in which grandmothers train alongside daughters and granddaughters. Her primary area of expertise is in coaching women, ranging from teens to late-life, and including perinatal training, with a special interest in the frail elderly.  Inna helped to implement- in collaboration with neuroscientists- the first controlled trial of strength training in the dementia population.


Raina has a graduate level academic background in Education and Special Education. She applies her background to both her adult classes and her kids classes through the Girlz Club. Her goal in working with children and adults alike is to create a community of fitness and wellness under one roof. Her passion lies in working with children and giving girls of all ages a chance to experience fitness in a positive and fun way, encouraging girls to value themselves for what they can do.   

Fitness is not about an age or number but a feeling of fun, inner strength, and a confidence in ones self.

Mozelle goldstein r.n., b.s.n- class instructor, Barbell Coach

Mozelle is a Registered Nurse working with children with cancer and blood disorders. She is also a CPR instructor with a passion for children's safety and well being and is a full time mommy with 3 beautiful children. Mozelle has a passion for fitness and the empowerment that comes along with being a strong female and is excited to be teaching at WFC and being part of such an amazing, strong, and supportive team! 

Fitness has become part of my life, of who I am.To me it means health, strength and empowerment. MY kids see my commitment to keeping myself fit and healthy and in turn I want to do the same.


Aliza grew up in valley village California, walking distance from various hiking trails and running paths. She always knew she wanted to maintain a lifestyle of health and fitness when she moved to NY in 2010. Luckily for the past few years WFC has not only allowed her the opportunity, but has opened new doors in the world of fitness - and in particular strength training - that she never would have imagined without experiencing it for herself! She's excited to share her passion for fitness with the community, and motivate people to get stronger and live a healthier lifestyle. 


Deena Warshaw joined the Woodmere Fitness Club family in August 2015.  She will graduate from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus in Spring 2022 with her PsyD. Deena conducted research in a neuropsychology lab in her undergraduate career and worked in clinical research at Mount Sinai’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Coupled with her interest in psychology, Deena has a love for fitness and it brings Deena joy and feelings of accomplishment as she watches members get stronger and feel more confident in their own skin. Deena wants each member to feel like they have a safe haven to work on their fitness goals and ultimately, be happy.

What fitness means to Deena is unity and community. At WFC it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or what your fitness level is. Taking care of ourselves to ensure the greatest quality of life is what's most important.

AMY HILLER - Barbell Coach & 

Amy is trained in Kripalu-style yoga, focusing her classes on connecting movement and breath to build better body awareness. She holds certifications for teaching both adults (RYT200 with the Yoga Alliance) and children (Karma Kids yoga).  Her goal is for members to feel stronger and more relaxed. She's been at WFC since 2011 and loves the inspiration and support from instructors and members alike!

To me, fitness means happiness, health, longevity and strength (mind and body).

Esther nahon - Speech & Language

The MindInSync program at WFC, created by Speech and Language Pathologist Esther Nahon, utilizes an integrated movement and sensory approach to target Speech and Language goals. When all of the systems interact together and function properly children are better able to process and learn information from the world around them. Esther works as part of a team at Studio Inna collaborating with instructors and trainers to help children reach their full potential in and out of the classroom. 

Fitness means happy and healthy in body and mind.