Woodmere Fitness Club definitely lives up to its fabulous reputation. I can’t believe I waited so long to join!! Inna and her complete staff are powerhouses. Can’t wait for my next week of classes.
— Rifky R
There is one thing that separates Woodmere Fitness Club from all the other gyms I’ve tried out and that is their ability to modify the workout to the individual. The instructors guide you to reach your full potential at your own level. In the middle of the class the instructors come up to me to correct my form and give me tips on how to move in the safest way. I can now keep up with classes everyday of the week! Inna and all the instructors supported me from the beginning with warm care and encouragement. Inna even stopped one of her classes to celebrate my first ever self-supported squat! Since I started at the studio my blood pressure and my cholesterol have gone down, I’ve lost weight and improved my endurance. I feel fortunate that the studio provides a safe atmosphere for beginners in class and in training.
— NK
I have great appreciation for the crew at WFC. Their knowledge of health and fitness as well as proper nutrition, has helped me and so many of my friends and family. The classes are challenging but rewarding. Inna and Raina are amazing at what they do... Lending loads of encouragement along the way. It’s great to be a part of their team!
— Peshi H
I’ve been going to the classes at Woodmere Fitness Club for almost 4 years now, and it has changed my whole perception of working out and staying healthy. I used to dread the gym or getting on a treadmill. However, since I began attending classes at Studio Inna I barely have to push myself; the classes here are fun and enjoyable! Inna and Raina develop a personal connection with each member, and try to push them to do their best. They are there to offer a healthy tip or encouraging words day in and day out. Even during pregnancy, I’ve attended classes on a consistent basis because of the way they are able to modify the workouts for expecting mothers. I’ve felt strong, fit and energized ever since I’ve become a member at Woodmere Fitness Club!

— Aliza A
Thanks to the amazing instructors at WFC I have been working out throughout my pregnancy.
The instructors not only help keep me motivated but also help me to modify wherever I need. The classes at WFC give me that extra burst of energy I need to make it through the day. With their help I plan on working out up until I give birth. Thank you Inna and Raina for keeping me fit throughout my pregnancy.
— Chava B
For a long time, I found going to the gym to be yet another task – oftentimes, a challenge – that would intensify my load of responsibilities, rather than alleviating it. Studio Inna changed that. Instead of dreading the workout and exiting a class more exhausted than when I entered, I felt an energy that revitalized me. Inna’s enthusiasm is contagious, and I found it permeating other aspects of my life. Attending Inna’s classes for the past six years helped me rediscover the joy that can be gained from being energetic. Inna’s friendly and personable nature makes her a motivator who is at once inspiring and still accessible to her clients. Thanks to Studio Inna, and Inna herself, I now look forward to rejuvenating my mind and body in a unique and refreshing way!
— Tali R
For the past year my workouts at Studio Inna have been more than just going to a gym to get skinny. My time in the studio is more of my own healing process. Last June after being diagnosed with breast cancer I worked out with Raina up until a few days before my surgery. My Indo-Row & Boot Camp workouts prior to my surgery I believe were the reason I recovered as well as I did. In fact my surgeon said to my family while I was in recovery...Maria’s body is in excellent shape...she will recover easily!! Raina & Inna are fabulous instructors keeping me not only physically in shape but mentally & emotionally as well. Studio Inna is a place I can go for 45 minutes a day and disconnect from the world and just work on ME. Each time I lay down on that mat for cool down..I have to admit it brings tears to my eyes...because I did it and am here to do it. Thank you Studio Inna for being part of my journey.

— Maria Pappas
I have been exercising for over 30 years and although it is obvious from such a statement that I am very committed to this fitness lifestyle, it is not an easy one to maintain. Thanks to this beautifully run establishment, I have found the perfect place for all of my exercise needs at Studio Inna. The dedicated and experienced staff provides a top notch facility that is meticulously clean, beautifully designed and always open no matter how bad the weather. When it is cold and dreary outside, inside the studio the mood is sunny and warm and the energy is always upbeat and friendly. The classes are constantly challenging and taught in a way that promotes proper form and avoidance of injuries. The emphasis of the studio is never about exercising so you can burn off calories and fit into a smaller dress size, but rather about becoming stronger, healthier, and feeling good about yourself.
I can honestly say, no matter how bad my mood is or how stressed-out I am when I walk through the door of Studio Inna, I ALWAYS feel better when I am leaving!
— Mindy F
I couldn’t carry my child around, it was hard and my back hurt. I had poor posture and even sitting for extended periods of time at the table would cause my back to ache. Since I started this strength program my back pain is gone and I can carry both of my twins around at once!
I want to be there for my family and be the best mom I can be, this time to myself allows me to do that for them.
— Corinne Sprung