Q- My knees hurt, is barbell squatting safe for me?  

A- Yes, the good news is that, not only will squatting NOT hurt your knees, but it also  make them stronger.  Getting your muscles and connective tissue strong will help support your joints while you are in motion. Strong leg muscles help knees do their job easier. 

Q- I don't want to get bulky like some of the women I see on social media. Will I get big from lifting?

A-No, our workouts are comprised of full body movements that load the whole skeletal system at once, thereby making the body's muscles work all together instead of in isolation. The women you see on social media might be body builders, which is different than what we do. Body builders isolate muscle groups in order to see definition in each segment and they have an extremely low body fat percentage, showing even more of the muscle anatomy.

Also,  women can not get "big", they are lacking testosterone, which regulates muscle development and is elevated in men. 

Q- Do I have to eat a lot to start lifting?

A- Your body uses nutrients, like protein, carbs, fiber and fats in order to perform all of its natural processes. When we stress the body through exercise, we need to refuel. Weight training requires more quality foods be added into  your diet and if you eat enough to continue getting stronger, then you have eaten enough. 

Q.-I just had a baby, can I weight train?

A- YES! Weight training at The Barbell Club uses careful programming to ensure that you start at your present level of strength and build progressively and consistently through out your training. Getting strong  post-partum is a great way to return to exercise  because it builds endurance, builds muscle and burns fat.  

Q- I want to do a race or marathon next season, will barbell training help?

A- Yes, in off-season you should invest in a proper strength program. Any sport requires it's athlete to be strong. If you have more muscle, you will be able to apply more force to each stride, every lap or each stroke of the pedal.  The bigger your engine, the faster themachine goes with less effort.

Q- Do I have to be strong to start lifting?

A.- No. The program is designed for beginners and helps you to build up strength. We have plates and bars that start at very small weights in order to allow everyone to barbell train at their capability.  Weightlifting gets you stronger than you already are, you don't have to be strong already to start.

Q- Will I be able to lose the fat on my belly and thighs?

A- Yes! Building muscle increases your body's metabolic rate, your ability to burn calories at rest. This means that as you build muscle, more fat burns off than you were able to burn before. It costs your body a lot of calories to build new muscle, with the right amount of good refuel food you will lose fat all over your body. Adopting a healthier lifestyle in order to support strength gainz will yield greater results on the inside and outside.