Freezing Your Membership

You can freeze your membership for one month at a time. There is a $25 freeze fee for each month you freeze your membership. If you want to freeze your membership, fill out the form below 30 days in advance. You cannot freeze your membership once the month has begun. Your freeze will start with your next billing cycle (i.e if you freeze on May 26th and your billing cycle is on the 20th, your freeze will start June 20th). When the freeze is over, you will continue to be charged for membership at your original membership rate.

Click here to fill out a Freeze Form


To cancel after your initial 6 month membership commitment, fill our the form below before your commitment ends. We will not reimburse you for a month that you were already charged for, we will only cancel future membership payments. When you cancel, you will lose the membership price that you are paying and if you choose to return it will be at the membership price offered at the time you return. If you cancel before the end of your membership commitment, you will be charged a $150 early cancelation fee.

Click here to fill out a Cancellation Form